Monday, 15 July 2013

Why Brisbane means so much

In 33 days, approximately 2000 riders will be leaving the University of Queensland St Lucia campus on the Brisbane Ride to Conquer Cancer.

And I plan to be one of them!

Many people have asked me why?
Many people have made comment "why not just Peter Mac and Melbourne?"

There is only one reason for this. My Brother In Law Vince!

On June 20, 2007 at 4:49pm Vince called us to say he had been diagnosed with Cancer. He lives in Hervey Bay, QLD and after presenting to the local emergency department with a sore leg he was admitted for tests. Tests varied, but after having a CT scan, it showed that he had Cancer in his kidney and in his lymph nodes. Only having the CT scan to go by, the doctors 'assumed' that Vince's primary cancer in the kidney had spread. This generally only means one thing - how long?

The QLD medical professionals didn't give Vince much hope at all. The fact is they told him to go home and get his affairs into order was an indication of what they really thought.

THANK GOD that Vince had some amazing people that organised for him to get his second quote from Peter Mac in Melbourne. Because Peter Mac is a dedicated to Cancer research, they were able to find that Vince had 2 primary cancers and that both were treatable.

So this is why Brisbane means so much. Had Vince listened to the experts in QLD he would not be here FULL STOP! I often think, how many others just went home, put their affairs in order and accepted the 'fact' that they had terminal cancer and were going to die? How many people are no longer here because the right technology was not available to correctly diagnose them.

I will raise $2500 as my pledge to make a difference to Brisbane.

And I will raise $2500 for Sydney.
And I will raise $2500 for Melbourne.
And I will raise $2500 for Perth.
And I will raise $2500 for Adelaide.

And I will help every member of my home team Fighting Back who will raise an additional $37,500 if we hit our targets.

And I am part of the Vision Crusaders Grand Slam Team - a team who will raise over $400,000 for Cancer Research across this country this year.

Make a difference - YOU BET!!!

I do this for the Ride. But most of all I do it to CONQUER CANCER!

Donations to my Brisbane Ride can be made here - DONATE NOW

A massive thanks to Liv/giant Australia for your ongoing support.

And don't forget - for every $20 donation, you get the chance to win one of the below bikes - all thanks to Liv/giant Australia xo
2013  Via 1 W valued at $579

2014 Holly 20" valued at $229

2014 Roam 2 valued at $649

All bikes will be available at Giant Hampton

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