Monday, 22 July 2013

It's not just hair

Well, I said I wouldn't do it again. But I did!!

I said I would have to top my last fundraising goal of $2690 to do it again. I didn't.

I did it again but this time I did it for a better outcome.

In 2011, I cut off all my hair for one reason; to support a friend who had lost her hair from chemotherapy. I had made the statement "It is only hair, it will grow back" to which she said "You will never understand".

I sought to understand how she felt by raising money for Peter Mac and cutting all of my hair off. I put a bounty on my hair and within 9 days, together with some wonderful friends, we raised $2690. That was the start of Fighting Back!! That was the start of me making a difference.

And you know what? My friend was exactly right. It is not just hair.

So this time, I knew what I was getting myself into. But this time, I was going to donate my hair to a woman in need. I watched this video about 6 months ago and couldn't avoid that feeling that I wanted to help.

The thing is, I understood that feeling of being unattractive, anxious and exposed. Because the last time I made such a drastic change to my hair style, this is how I felt. I never felt myself until the day that I finally was able to tie my hair back again. 

But, this video struck a cord with me. My hair could help someone feel hopeful and beautiful. But most important - I could help someone feel STRONG! I could help someone feel all those things that I felt when I was comfortable with the way I looked. This time, I figured that when I looked in the mirror and felt unattractive, there would be someone out there who could look in the mirror and feel beautiful. When I am anxious, they are hopeful. And when I am exposed, they feel STRONG. 

We have all had a bad hair day, and I know that I am in for quite a few of them during my "growing it back" stage. But for every day that I feel like crap, not wanting to go out because suddenly my wardrobe doesn't suit my hair style, I will think about that person who now has the courage to Look Good and most importantly, Feel Better!!! 

It's not just hair. 

Like our clothes, our hair style is something we choose. It's our personal style that we display. I chose comfortable, plain and no fuss. That is me! Short, chic, funky ... whatever else is used to describe short hair - that is not me. Far from it! But there is one thing that my new hairstyle does say about my personality. It shows people that I mean business. It shows everyone that I am willing to stop at nothing to support people with Cancer. That is part of my personality that can never be taken away. 


  1. I think it looks lovely and at least your helmet hair won't be as bad in Brisbane.....

    Well done Captain, great effort.

  2. Thanks Big Fella. But instead of manageable pigtail plaits, I am going to have a shocking spike! Oh well, that is why they made beanies :)