Sunday, 29 September 2013

10 days to train ...

Yes - 10 days until I pack my trust Mav and head to Sydney to complete the Ride to Conquer Cancer. 

10 days to go and today I paused to think of my training plan. The first question I asked myself is "how did it get to 10 days?" The answer is easy. Time keeps ticking no matter what. It is how we spend this time that will define results. 

Life is broken into 2 things - needs and wants. Right now, I feel that by the time I get to do all the things I need to do, I don't have any time (or energy) to do the things I want. Good thing is, 10 days out from my second Ride to Conquer Cancer - I now NEED to train. Priorities have changed and now I have to find time to ride. Happy times!!!!! 

Kids on holidays, weather turned to crap, hubby at work - all I can say is Indoor Trainer!!! That $30 second hand cycling accessory that I literally couldn't live without! (One day I will get a good one) And my body is still thanking me for the 3 hours I spent on the end of a shovel on Saturday. Good hard work that allowed me to appreciate the fitness I actually have when I am not on a bike. 

So 10 days to go, and I start my training plan. Thankfully, I have put hard yards in and I know I have the base fitness to be able to complete 2 x 100km rides back to back. But where I start to enter unknown territory is that I have committed to doing it 3 weekends - back to back. 

16 days and 600kms. And I have 10 days to train for it. And how I spend this time WILL define my results. 

My results will be $7,500 raised for cancer research. And I will ride 600kms in those 16 days. 

Thanks to all my beautiful cycling mentors, I have the plan to get through those 16 days and will cross the line in Melbourne on October 27 having achieved what I set out to do. All I have to do is 3 things:

  • Training - what I can, when I can. And preferably on a bike :)
  • Nutrition - pre, during and post rides
  • Rest - whenever I can

So for the next 26 days, this is where my focus will be. Eating right, training right and resting right. Each day has been planned and all of a sudden I have found my balance between need and want. And this makes me happy :) Happy that I can finally say "I need to ride my bike"

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The fatigue sets in

There comes a point in trying to achieve any goal that fatigue set in.

Physical fatigue. Mental fatigue. And for me – Fundraising fatigue.

Trying to raise $15,000 along with flights and accommodation is the hardest work that I have ever done. The last few weeks I have had to take some time away from it all. Some time that I have invested in what is most important to me. That is my family and my life.  But knowing I still had $7000 to raise in such a short time, it played on my mind like a bad debt. I struggle to think past it and I am constantly thinking about how I am going to get the money to cover the rides.

Typically I spend every available moment of my spare time thinking, planning or doing fundraising for Ride to Conquer Cancer. It is my third full time job! But it is similar to my job as a mum. It never stops. It keeps me awake at night. And often it feels like a thankless job. Yes - people sing my praises based on what they see from the outside but some also feel they have the right to judge your downfalls. Hard work!

It is also the biggest challenge that I have set myself. I have said it many times before – I really struggle with the concept of asking anyone for anything. I even struggle with accepting offers to help. Yes – Fundraising sits way outside of my comfort zone. But so did riding my bike.

So I have accepted that I won’t do it all this year. I won’t raise the $15,000 and I won’t complete the Grand Slam that I thought I would. On the flipside, I will achieve much more. I will raise at least $10,000 that will benefit 4 different cancer research institutes in Australia and I will be travelling to at least 3 different states to complete the RTCC. I am not quitting – it is just what it is! I can’t ride unless I raise the money … simple.

Accepting this now allows me to get back to the Reason I Ride. I ride to raise funds and awareness for what Cancer Research will achieve. BUT I ride for my Angels and Fighters. To be honest, this is the biggest reward of why I do what I do. To get on my bike, to look down at my ribbons, to know what it means to my Fighters and the families of my Angels and to be told “thank you” is more than enough for me. And I promise that on the weekends of October 19 - 20 and Novmebr 16 - 17 I will ride the distance that my team mates will be riding and I will Ride to Conquer!

No-one will remember how much money I raised this year. No-one will remember how many rides I did. But what they will remember is the Reason I Ride. I don’t do this to break records, to get PB’s. I do it for those who can’t.

At this stage, I still have $2500 to qualify for Adelaide. This is the last ride of the year and one that I will not miss. I started this Grand Slam attempt in Brisbane and I will finish in Adelaide. And in the process I will tick off Sydney and in Melbourne where I get to ride proudly with my home team – Fighting Back.

I have one more event planned to try and get as much money raised as possible. I call it our Epic Impact Day. I have planned this day to be a little bit of fun and a celebration for what we all achieved together. Without the support from the people around me, I could not have achieved what I have. So this day will be a chance for me to catch my breath, dispel the fatigue and actually say thanks to those who have helped me along the way. Yes, there will be a cost to attend – but 100% of that is going to Ride to Conquer. It will help my hubby join me in Melbourne so he can ride for his brother and it will also go a long way to covering Adelaide so I can finish what I started.

For more details, check out the Facebook Event or email me at 

And I have to thank Liv/giant Australia again for what they have done to support me along the way. For those who don’t know, Liv/giant donated a total of 5 family bikes to assist my fundraising. These have been used for raffles to raise money and so far 2 bike have been raffled to raise a total of $1350. We still have 3 bikes to raffle – so stay tuned for details on that.
A massive thanks also needs to go to Vince and his partner Di. They knew the battle I was facing and took it upon themselves to throw a fundraising day in Vince’s home town Hervey Bay. Held at the Craignish Country Club, almost $5000 was raised on this day that saw me qualify for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and give Mello a good boost with his Melbourne ride.
It is also called money :)