Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Epic Adventure - not on 2 wheels.

Well, it has been a few weeks and so much has been happening in the world of Bec. So this isn't really a blog with a distinct message or meaning, but more a blurt out of what I have been doing.

First there is cycling - and what a great few weeks I have had on the bike. I have covered over 100kms in the last 2 weeks on the road and I am so in love with Maverick. She is one very special bike and my confidence on her already is scary! (Thanks again to Jo at Liv/giant) Yes, I still look like a beginner at times, especially when I forget she is a little more frisky that Mince is! She likes to arc up a bit and throw her lack of weight around ... so I just have to remember this! (And keep strengthening those core muscles so I can show her who is boss)

It has been a great few weeks in the world of Fighting Back too! We are at the stage where our jersey has been finalised, team merchandise has been picked, necessary emails sent and now I am just waiting for the orders to roll in. I am getting very excited at the prospect that we are going to have our very own team stuff!

I feel like I spend about 15 hours on the PC each day at the moment - and in reality - it is almost true. Maybe it is 14. But it is all for the greater good! I can't get to where I want to go just by throwing my leg over the seat and taking off. Word does not get out about the team and what we are doing by riding down the road. We have all got to spend time networking, talking about our journey and keep telling people what we are achieving. And that is done via Facebook, email, other methods of social media, phone calls, emails etc.

The kids are really starting to understand why I am riding and the reasons. They know it is not about getting on the bike and riding to the corner. They know about Cancer. They know their Uncle Vince had cancer but he is better now. They know about a little boy called Talin who died this week. He was only 6 and was diagnosed with a brain tumor 13 weeks ago. They know people die and their mum is trying to help people not die by riding her bike.

Yesterday I walked out in ready for work and had put my LIVESTRONG hoodie on as I was going walking at lunch time. Mia spotted it (at the age of 25 months) and said "Mummy, Bike to work" ... It is amazing what kids pick up and know. Even she can associate the yellow colour and what I am doing!

Emotionally I am fried!!! The last few weeks have also been a time where I have seen 2 new angels take off. Not literally of course! But with the passing of Tash's Dad Tommaso and then little Talin, it just shows that this disease is just so much bigger than many of us know. If we are really unlucky, we know someone who will die from it. Given 1 in 2 people will get it - odds are that we will all have that stoke of bad luck. But doing what we are doing opens up the doors to hear everyone's story. Just tonight I went out to visit Mince in the garage. That bike is still a major part of my journey and even though I wasn't going to train, I sat and looked at the 23 names that are on Mince. 23 people's Cancer stories. 23 people who I cry for. 23 people I grieve for. 23 bags of emotion that I just carry around with me every day - using this as motivation so hopefully I don't have to ever make it 24!

I am already thinking about what next. I am already thinking that come October 28, 2012 at about 4pm, I'll be looking for my next way of raising money. Hence the 14 hours per day now on the PC. Thinking. Planning. Knowing. Believing. Hoping - that I never see the number 24.  So stay tuned Cyberland, because you have seen nothin yet!

Now, off to put my first batch of home made yoghurt in the fridge. All part of my clean living plan and attempt to loose a bit of weight so I can cope carrying those 23 bags up and down hills.


  1. Well done Bec!
    You're doing us all proud!

  2. Bec, well done and well put. Yes it is importnat our children know why we are doing this and learn that it is just as important to give for those that are less fortunate. As I said previously you are teaching them an important life lesson.

    I hear you about the next challenge, look out world, Bec is on a mission.