Monday, 2 July 2012

In Memory of Tommaso Billeci

This afternoon I logged into Facebook to see this post: 

"Today our loving & adored Dad/Nonno lost his battle to cancer. May you now RIP & be reunited with beautiful mum. Heart is so broken but Nella & I will keep your candle burning bright! Tanti amore xoxox"
I immediately broke down in tears knowing that my friend Tash had lost her dad. 
On May 18, the day of Tash's birthday, I put her dad's name on my bike knowing that he was facing the battle of his life. And not long after that, I had thought of Tommaso when out for a ride. Here was a man who had 2 beautiful daughters and a gorgeous little grand daughter who would spend their time cheering him up and trying to keep him in high spirits. They would hang out at Peter Mac and try and brighten his day, while he lay in a bed, fighting and hoping for just one more day. 
But today, their hearts are broken. And as a friend of hers, my heart breaks too. 
My first thoughts (to be honest) were "Why do we do this? Cancer still wins!" 
Well, why we do this is to try and stop this hurt. Try and stop this pain. Try and stop lives coming to an end by a disease that could have a cure. 
Yes - People die - but it shouldn't be like this. Everyone has a right to grow old and happy - and die in peace. And maybe that is what Tommaso has done - grown old, happy to see his daughters grow into the beautiful caring adults they are, see his grand daughter grow into the gorgeous 4 year old that she is. And now, hopefully happy as he will be reunited with his wife. They will be able to look down on their creations knowing that everything that they have done in their life, will now be carried forward into the lives of their family. 
But still, Cancer has taken Tommaso from his family and today they grieve. And we grieve with them. 
And we continue to fight - knowing there are too many people who still need saving! 

In memory of Tommaso Billeci - RIP
03 July 2012

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