Sunday, 29 September 2013

10 days to train ...

Yes - 10 days until I pack my trust Mav and head to Sydney to complete the Ride to Conquer Cancer. 

10 days to go and today I paused to think of my training plan. The first question I asked myself is "how did it get to 10 days?" The answer is easy. Time keeps ticking no matter what. It is how we spend this time that will define results. 

Life is broken into 2 things - needs and wants. Right now, I feel that by the time I get to do all the things I need to do, I don't have any time (or energy) to do the things I want. Good thing is, 10 days out from my second Ride to Conquer Cancer - I now NEED to train. Priorities have changed and now I have to find time to ride. Happy times!!!!! 

Kids on holidays, weather turned to crap, hubby at work - all I can say is Indoor Trainer!!! That $30 second hand cycling accessory that I literally couldn't live without! (One day I will get a good one) And my body is still thanking me for the 3 hours I spent on the end of a shovel on Saturday. Good hard work that allowed me to appreciate the fitness I actually have when I am not on a bike. 

So 10 days to go, and I start my training plan. Thankfully, I have put hard yards in and I know I have the base fitness to be able to complete 2 x 100km rides back to back. But where I start to enter unknown territory is that I have committed to doing it 3 weekends - back to back. 

16 days and 600kms. And I have 10 days to train for it. And how I spend this time WILL define my results. 

My results will be $7,500 raised for cancer research. And I will ride 600kms in those 16 days. 

Thanks to all my beautiful cycling mentors, I have the plan to get through those 16 days and will cross the line in Melbourne on October 27 having achieved what I set out to do. All I have to do is 3 things:

  • Training - what I can, when I can. And preferably on a bike :)
  • Nutrition - pre, during and post rides
  • Rest - whenever I can

So for the next 26 days, this is where my focus will be. Eating right, training right and resting right. Each day has been planned and all of a sudden I have found my balance between need and want. And this makes me happy :) Happy that I can finally say "I need to ride my bike"

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