Sunday, 4 August 2013

Event Preparation ... 11 days to go

It is moments like today when I start my event preparation that it highlights the massive difference to why I ride! 2 weeks prior to a big event, most "athletes" would have put in their best training, would be 100% fit and physically ready, have their gear all lined up ready to go and would be starting their taper. They would have their nutrition plans in place and their life would be revolving around a strict schedule to deliver the result they are aiming to achieve.

Me, I have been on the bike 3 times in the last month - and that was hooked up to the indoor trainer. I have been sick with gastro, I have had a cold, I have been injured after a fall and I have been far too busy with life to get any training done. 100% under done is what I am. And now instead of looking at tapering - I am looking at cramming whatever bike time I can get in. 5:30am for a 45 minute session before my day starts yep. 10:30pm for a quick half hour before bed - yep.

And the next two weeks I will be checking the post box like a crazy woman. I am expecting the following for my ride:
  • 2013 Brisbane Ride To Conquer Cancer Rider Pack - this includes all of tags for my bike, rider jersey etc. I won't be wearing the RTCC jersey, but I am still looking forward to receiving it. 
  • Vision Crusaders jersey - this is the team jersey that we will all be wearing on Day 1.
  • Vision Crusaders wind vest - I ordered the winter weight one to ensure we get warm weather for all 6 rides :) Reverse psychology!!! 
  • My customised Liv/giant Ride To Conquer Cancer kit. This is something that is extra special to me. This is something that I have had created to wear and it symbolises my Reason to Ride. Check it out below:

This kit is something that is special for many reasons. Firstly, I will be wearing the Liv/giant brand with pride. The brand Liv/giant means so much more to me than just bikes. It represents the people behind the brand and those who have been there to support me. It is the women (and men) who have given me endless guidance, support, encouragement and most of all - fun! I know that without this amazing bunch of women, my life on a bike would have been very very different. 

Then on the back is the 2 teams that I represent this year. The Vision Crusaders who are the 23 riders from across the nation who will be completing as many of the RTCC rides this year. And Fighting Back - my Melbourne Home team. In the middle of these 2 logos is the Ride To Conquer Cancer logo - the Reason I Ride. 

But the most important part of this kit is what you will see around the sleeves and legs.  It is the 14 different coloured memorial ribbons that represent the Cancers that have affected all of my Angels and Fighters. Sadly, the list of names of people that I ride for grows each year, so this is the way I can now represent each of them. Now, I can look at a ribbon and know who I ride for. 

So that is gear all organised.

Then there is Mav - my bike. She is off getting some love and attention too. For the last 10 days, she has been on holidays in Silvan getting her own little make over. I am sure my next blog will be all about her! And once she comes back home, then the fun will start. This is the first time I will travel with Mav. And to say it is causing a little anxiety is an understatement. I have organised a hard case for her to go in, but that is the easy part. I will arrive in Brisbane 16 hours before the ride. In that time, I will have to work out how to put Mav back together. I feel some intensive You Tube sessions coming on ... not to mention the purchase of a Torque Wrench! Lucky there are bike mechanics at the RTCC so at least I can get them to check her before I ride off to complete a 220km bike ride.

Then there is my family. For the first time ever, I will be away from my family. I am heading to Brisbane on my own and leaving Mello and the kids back here in Melbourne. For those who know us, you will know how hard this is going to be for all of us. We are a very close knit family and do everything together. So for me to do this without them is hard. But probably the hardest thing for me here is "who is going to feed them??" I am the head chef at Casa da Failla and it is rare that anyone else cooks in our house. But I will make sure the freezer is packed full of the family favourites to make that part a little easier for all of us.

The one part of me that is ready is my mind. My mental strength is at 100% and I know what I need to do to get the job done. Because my reason to ride is not to win, it is not to achieve a personal best and the only result I am interested in is the difference it makes to others. And this year, it is not even about the money that it raised. Yes, I have had to raise $2500 to qualify which by years end will be $12500 for Cancer Research.

But the difference I will make to others who have lost loved ones is what really matters. Just last week when I posted a photo on Facebook, I received these comments:

"everytime I see your bike I feel so proud that your riding for people but to know your riding in honour of my mum makes it even more that special! 
I love you Bec Failla and all that you do! Your one of a kind. Xx"

And this one

"Your so amazing Bec, huge inspiration! Always warms my heart reading our Angels names on your bike, bless xox"

Knowing that this is the difference I make to the families of my Angels and Fighters ... and knowing that I am providing that little bit of inspiration to others is what will keep me going this year. So I am not really that worried that I am not 100% physically ready because I know my mind is stronger than my legs will ever be!

This is the photo.... and the names on Mince ... my training partner 

So that is the start of my count down. 

11 days time I will be half way to Brisbane and all of this will be behind me. Now lets see what the next week can bring. Hopefully good health, time to get the legs moving and pressies from the postie :)  

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